Free 2-Hour Social Media Framework Training!

Create a 1 Year Video Content Plan in Just a Handful of Hours or Less!

Friday, July 29 | 11am - 1pm PST

Let's Face It... Social Media Has Gotten Harder

In the last few years since Tik Tok has taken over and now the major social platforms realize that entertainment trumps all, it's gotten significantly harder to make social media work for businesses.

You used to be able to just post some good pictures and drive leads.... not anymore

You used to be able to automate it through tools that made your life easier... not anymore

You used to be able to actually reach people without paying... not anymore

Like everything on the internet, the easy times of easy access to platform users through automated content are past us.


There's a new way that's surprisingly simple and massively effective...

Introducing The Social Supremacy Framework

This is a framework designed to give you the ability to know for sure what kind of content you need to be creating. Attach it to emotional drivers designed to get people to take action, and see better results.

When you combine this with TikTok & Reels, your growth on those platforms is going to skyrocket.

Come Learn The Framework FOR FREE

In this 2-hour training, social media expert, Bob McIntosh is going to show you how you can create a plan for an entire year in just a few hours of time.

This plan will ensure that...

You ALWAYS know what you need to be creating

You ALWAYS trigger your follower's emotions (and thereby their decision-making functions)

You ALWAYS have fresh relevant content

You ALWAYS have a plan to make content quickly & easily!